Melissa M.



I've been a stylist for around 18 years now and I fell in love with this craft when I realized that it's a perfect combination of art, science and psychology, three of my favorite things! I've worked in both Florida and New York during my career and as a fairly recent parent, I find my travels and life changes have only deepened my commitment to being something more than just a "hairdresser". 

With every client I meet, I do my best to build a new relationship that relies on trust and confidence. Every new style is a collaboration between my client's vision and needs and my skills and experience. Each new color service is a journey that is part chemistry, part creativity, part practicality. I call myself a "craft hairdresser" because I strive to not just DO, but to understand the how and why. Every creative choice I make is backed up by a technical reason and makes sense for my client. 

I welcome all and am an active ally. All service prices are based on the time and product required to achieve the result you want, not on gender. 

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